Klimabox - Covers for air conditioners and heat pumps

Comprehensive services

for wholesale customers

Our goal is to ensure we cover all services, for this this reason we are happy to handle your customer service for you. Comprehensiveness of service is our priority.

The professional approach of our
sales representatives

We understand that each of you have individual requirements. Our sales representatives are ready to handle every small detail to negotiate a successful and long-term cooperation.

Distribution, coverage, promotional material,
superior customer service

We ship all over the EU. Each country has a specific customer structure, yet each one solves only one problem. How to cover an air conditioning unit or heat pump so that the property does not lose its modernity and elegance?

We will provide you with all advertising materials. These are catalogues in digital and printed form, photographs for the web, consultation on appropriate product placement on the web.

Its is important for us to take care of our product from the beginning to the end, which is why customer service is a matter of course for us. We provide service for our customers from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We always set the delivery with an appropriate reserve so that our customer can plan and complete the subsequent processes by the date of receipt. We set the delivery date individually according to the agreed scope.

From raw material
to your climabox

After much testing, we have chosen aluminium as the most suitable material required for functional production.

The colour of the covers is unlimited. Whatever colour the end customer chooses, we guarantee delivery in the desired shade.

Klimabox - cover for air conditioner and heat pump

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We ensure that our output is always ready to meet the expectations of our clients

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