Klimabox - Covers for air conditioners and heat pumps

An elegant and efficient solution

To the wall, to the facade or to the space? Klimabox is the solution. Covers made of anticorrosive material designed to cover your units in a design and functional way.

Hidden and quiet

Children and animals

Weather resistant

Speed of delivery

Customer service

10 Year Warranty

Why Klimabox is
the right solution for you

KLIMABOX is a brand that combines good ideas and modern technology. Efficient production, quality sales representation and full customer service are a matter of course with us.

dB noise reduction

Soundproofing covers

The ISO certification for acoustics confirms the quality of our acoustic boxes for heat pumps. They are tested by independent laboratories and we guarantee their acoustic efficiency.

Serial and custom solutions

Thanks to our technical background and team of experts, we are able to offer custom solutions for all products. We guarantee that our products will always meet your expectations.

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Comparison of enclosure installations

Compare for yourself how the pump or air conditioning installation looks like before and after using Klimabox.

Your property will look smart with Klimabox and the unit will be protected.

Tailored solutions
for wholesale customers and developers

We approach each client individually with due care and professionalism.

We offer individual tailor-made solutions for large customers and developers from design to implementation.

Klimabox - cover for air conditioner and heat pump

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We will design a complete solution tailored to suit your project.

Your satisfaction
is key for us

We believe that customer satisfaction can drive us forward. Each of our parts is carefully inspected before shipping.

Read how other customers have been satisfied with us.

See examples of
our precise work

We ensure the highest quality of our products to ensure your maximum satisfaction with Klimabox.

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